Toolkit (Eng)

The resources attached will help you plan and organize an active consultation in your community around Rio+20. While the conference itself will happen only once, the conversations you can spark and the actions that you will be able to launch in your community will be much more powerful and long-lasting. This toolkit is designed to help facilitators, event organizers, and those who want to spark conversation in their community around sustainable development and Rio+20 specifically.

We’ve structured this consultation in several phases, but please note that you may only want to engage with one or more of these before Rio and use others afterwards. Whatever you choose to do, we hope you’ll recognize that the simple goal of this exercise is to identify key issues for a community, design community solutions and a vision for the future, and take action effectively:

1) Community Mapping: A set of activities that can dig more deeply into how resources are currently being used in a community and what solutions might be

2) Community Visioning: A set of activities that may help your community better identify relevant solutions and a vision for the Future We Want that everyone can buy into and check back in with in the future

3) Action Planning: A set of activities to help your community group decide who can and must take which set of actions to reach your vision, and tools to develop an effective action plan.


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