The Future We Want campaign is a fantastic opportunity to really ask our communities what are their biggest concerns, what are their biggest issues, and what are the biggest and most important elements of the future they want. While there are many opportunities for virtual participation in the conference itself, and many ways that we can get our voices to our world leaders, it is important that we know we are bringing the key issues of our community to the forefront. We need to know what the Future We Want is before we advocate for it.

Our world leaders can’t create the Future We Want for us; they can only create the Future We Want with us.

The toolkit in these pages may help you find ways to start this conversation in your community around Rio+20. Sustainable development is often perceived to be a complicated subject, one that combines so many different elements and issues – water, energy, transport, gender, equality, and food. If seen abstractly, these questions can be difficult to wrap your mind around. But if translated to a local level, the questions of sustainable development become much easier to talk about, much easier to understand, and much easier to take action on. Let’s start there.


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