Local Action for Rio+20

While all of us want to ensure that our voices are heard by our world leaders about the Future We Want, not everyone can be present at Rio+20 itself. Many of us will be participating virtually, and can participate as – if not more – meaningfully in local action on the themes of Rio+20 in our own communities. Here is a set of avenues for participation, many of which don’t involve getting into the conference itself! Continue reading


Mapping Toolkit Launched!

This toolkit is designed to help facilitators, event organizers, and those who want to spark conversation in their community around sustainable development. This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the kinds of mapping you can do, but a list of some ways we’ve found useful and productive to spark conversations in communities all over the world.If one methodology feels like it could help, feel free to edit it for your context, and use it in any way. We’d suggest sending these questions to your participants to potentially try mapping their community before coming to a training so that conversations can begin as informed as possible, though this is also an exercise that works well in groups at trainings, too.

If group members are from different communities with different water/energy/resource systems, feel free to encourage them to draw a combined system. Click here for the full toolkit.

Community Project Planning

We’ve put together several of the tools that exist already around project planning to help you identify the best  SMART objective for sustainable development in your community, create an effective map of the resources and partners you need to complete your project, and develop a project plan and timeline that include as many people in the community as possible. Read more here.